Its time to be thinking about booking your beach house.  Dont forget your Seaside Session to document your perfect summer vacation and get that perfect beach image you have always wanted. Its the perfect gift. ( Its really what mom wants)

Testing the waters {Photography Workshop}


Tana, Tiffany's & Co.

IMG_8658rIMG_9077hpIMG_9103IMG_9049rtexIMG_9000blIMG_9109blIMG_8595IMG_9004 Tomorrow my baby girl turn 18. She looks so grown up in these images we took in NYC in the fall. I am so proud of the girl she is becoming. WARNING: more pictures of Tana tomorrow.

Last Day of Summer


Today the high here in Sunny Queen Creek, Az is going to be 89 degrees!  Woo too!  I love the heat. It definitely feels like winter is over.  I thought it fitting that I posted the last image of the summer on the last day of winter.  I shot this image last summer just before Jancy ran off to college. Cant wait till she comes home.

Seeing Double [Twins]

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I started this post on 2-22-  I thought it would be cool to highlight some of the twins I have photographed in the past.   Two is always better than One!

The beginning of Happily Ever After


My baby sister got married.  I know she looks like she could be my child.  Because she could be.  I was 22 when she was born.  It has been an interesting relationship being like her mother and her sister.  We always  joke since there are so many siblings she has an extra 4 moms and 6 dad (11 kids)  Its like being raised by a committee.

Jackie has always been the light in a room.  She is beautiful.  But more than her beauty she is seriously hilarious.   I miss her.  Boise give her back.  I love you Jackie.

one of my favorites of the season

Inside SpreaddIMG_9562IMG_9591fdrIMG_9679r11x14IMG_9393blIMG_9603 CC this is for you! I just loved this shoot. The outfits were to die for and the kids were adorable. And I think I got a boyfriend out of it. Hudson seems to be my new BFF. Besides being an awesome shoot, I really love the Christmas card CC and I came up with. So bright and fun!

Its a Beautiful Mess

IMG_4633rlogoIMG_4561luxIMG_4572lux I know you wish you could be her. She is stunning and her children are just as beautiful... Well it gets even better. Not only is she the mother to these beautiful girls she also has 4 boys! Yep thats 6 kids under 10. I started shooting the Goodmans when she was pregnant with Lucille. (her maternity pic is on the slide show of my website) After 3 little boys she was finally going to get a girl. Everything was perfect. 2 years later I get this phone call from Debbie. " We having twins!" No Way! I am even more Jealous of her.IMG_3851  IMG_1804IMG_1866 IMG_1883 Its a beautiful Mess. Btw Debbie is also a competitive Body Builder. Yes she has an amazing body. Dont hate her because her family is beautiful.


IMG_3856fbIMG_3845fbIMG_3711rfbIMG_3629luxfbIMG_3459fb Cassidy is practically my relative. Her Grandma is my Grandmas identical twin. Oh wait we are relatives. Just a little silly joke. I had a great time photographing Cassidy. She was so sweet and her boyfriend was too. And she has great genetics!

The Humble big Man on Campus

IMG_4344-2fbIMG_4343fbIMG_4334fb This is my handsome nephew... Who also happens to be the Quarterback for our Queen Creek High School. He is having a pretty amazing season. He just got the Student Athlete of the month award from Fox Sports and Whataburger. Even more important than that he is genuinely a nice guy. Congrats Carson!

Pretty in Pink

IMG_2398rfbIMG_2294r3fb2 I just love how sweet and soft these images turned out. mmm Cant you just smell the newborn baby smell.

Goodbye Summer , Goodbye Jancy

IMG_2565IMG_2600IMG_2610IMG_2906IMG_2895IMG_2882" height="683" alt="IMG_2708">IMG_2759IMG_2841picture.bliss, on Flickr">IMG_3003 Even though it is still 105 degrees you can feel the change in the air. The last days of summer are here. I have been wanting to do this photo shoot all summer with my girls. Just havent had time. Jancy and Tana worked full time life guarding all summer. Jess taught swimming lessons and was studying to pass her cosmetology board test. Needless to say every one was so busy. So finally this last weekend of summer we made it happen. It also happened to be the last few days Jancy would be here. Tomorrow we leave to take her to Idaho for school. 800 miles away from home. I have been so emotional all day. Even though I will miss her terribly, I am so proud of her for having the courage to leave her comfort zone. There will be so many opportunities for her growth. Like this last picture I hope she jumps right in. Goodbye Jancy. Hurry Home.  Mama loves your.