Its a Beautiful Mess

IMG_4633rlogoIMG_4561luxIMG_4572lux I know you wish you could be her. She is stunning and her children are just as beautiful... Well it gets even better. Not only is she the mother to these beautiful girls she also has 4 boys! Yep thats 6 kids under 10. I started shooting the Goodmans when she was pregnant with Lucille. (her maternity pic is on the slide show of my website) After 3 little boys she was finally going to get a girl. Everything was perfect. 2 years later I get this phone call from Debbie. " We having twins!" No Way! I am even more Jealous of her.IMG_3851  IMG_1804IMG_1866 IMG_1883 Its a beautiful Mess. Btw Debbie is also a competitive Body Builder. Yes she has an amazing body. Dont hate her because her family is beautiful.