O Tannenbaum

Growing up we always had a real Christmas tree.  It was often a sacrifice to buy the 40.00 dollar tree with a family of 11.  My mother was insistent that it wasnt the same to have a fake tree. It was like you didnt believe in Christmas if you had a fake tree.  We actually looked down on our neighbors and friend who had fake trees.    You might say we were Christmas tree snobs.  So naturally when I grew up I had to have a REAL tree.
Wayne being the practical soul that he is.  Thought this foolish and frivolous at first.  He thought is smarter to spend the money on a fake Christmas tree and be done with it for 10 years. It certainly is cleaner and easier.  You dont have to haul it in and away.
But I was able to sway him.
For the first 15 years of my married life I made the family come down with me to the nearest treelot to pick out the perfect tree.   The first few years it was the budget friendly 20.00 Douglas Fir.  Not the prettiest.  But smells amazing.  Then as we expanded our budget I splurged on the more expensive and prettier Noble Fir.

About 5 years ago I caved and bought a fake white Christmas tree. I didnt want to tell my mom.  I knew she would be so disappointed.  I could just hear her:" I thought I raised you better than that."    I dont know what happened to me.   But here it is I Chea Lamb have not one fake tree but two.

However on Friday something snapped.  Ok fine it was the lure of a cool place for a photoshoot.  Obviously... I made the girls dress in grey and red.   We went down to a family friends treelot to take some fun festive pictures.  Guess what I came home with?  Yep a puppy.  Just kidding.  A REAL  Christmas tree.  It lured me in with its perfect shape and amazing smell and I couldnt say no.  Nostalgia never smelt so good.   See mom you did raise me right!


Kim Skinner said...

mama raised you right.