Pretty in Pink

IMG_0012_2nlblIMG_0005IMG_0956IMG_9961rclIMG_0019blIMG_0985IMG_1238clbl Untitled-2IMG_1310rtexIMG_1294IMG_1291rIMG_1335 Talk about 6 degrees to Kevin Bacon... Growing up my client was friends with my baby sister, I took piano from her mom. I was friends with her older brothers and sisters. I even had a class in college with her older sister. oh Yeah I married her cousin. In the planning of this session we were going to wait to shoot in the fall when the weather turned cooler. Then in the middle of July I got an email from my client asking if I would be interested in bringing my family north to her family Lodge in Greer in trade for traveling. Ummm Heck Ya!! Not only did I get a change of scenery (green grass, delicate pink flowers, pine trees and the cutest little stream) but a mini vacation with my family. It was the perfect trade. When I first shot this family they only had two little boys. She finally got her girl and another boy. It has been fun to see the changes in her life.