Goodbye Summer , Goodbye Jancy

IMG_2565IMG_2600IMG_2610IMG_2906IMG_2895IMG_2882" height="683" alt="IMG_2708">IMG_2759IMG_2841picture.bliss, on Flickr">IMG_3003 Even though it is still 105 degrees you can feel the change in the air. The last days of summer are here. I have been wanting to do this photo shoot all summer with my girls. Just havent had time. Jancy and Tana worked full time life guarding all summer. Jess taught swimming lessons and was studying to pass her cosmetology board test. Needless to say every one was so busy. So finally this last weekend of summer we made it happen. It also happened to be the last few days Jancy would be here. Tomorrow we leave to take her to Idaho for school. 800 miles away from home. I have been so emotional all day. Even though I will miss her terribly, I am so proud of her for having the courage to leave her comfort zone. There will be so many opportunities for her growth. Like this last picture I hope she jumps right in. Goodbye Jancy. Hurry Home.  Mama loves your.


Wendy said...

Great photos, Chea! If Jancy is anything like you and Wayne, she will have a wonderful time!