Getting closer( even its by association)

A couple of months ago I recieved an email from an Album maker Forbeyon.  They have a new senior line and they wanted to use my image "Perfection in Purple"  for the ad in Rangefinder Magazine.  I was shocked.  At first I thought the email was spam.  I almost deleted it.  Then I actually read it and reread it.  I was so excited.

So today when I got my Rangefinder magazine I was shocked to see  the ad next to the table of contents.  So cool.  My name was on the same spread as Joe Buissink( a legend)  Michelle Celentano and Lindsay Adler.  I am so honored. Ok its just a coincidence.  My new goal: next time I am published in Rangefinder magazine its a Feature story highlighting my new Art Series.  A girl can dream.


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Ok. That gets serious props! You can feel good :)